Macadam Wrap

Macadam Wrap from Bishops Park Farmers Market

Macadam Wrap Review

Last month, I registered for a 5.6 km run in the first week of July 2018. I am very unfit so I have started a little training on the weekend by jogging along the Thames river accompanied by the other half. It usually comprises of a jog for 400 metres or so and then a walk to recover my ability to breathe and then short jog again etc… As he runs much faster than me we meet up at designated stops. Apparently I am running a little faster because he said that he did not have to wait so long for me at our designated stops! Hmmmm….

Anyway as an incentive to exercise, we jogged all the way to the Bishops Park Farmers Market to have lunch. After looking at the various stalls I went to Dahoued Benhennou’s Macadam Wrap. I bought a marinated chicken and halloumi wrap with cheese, caramelised onions and lettuce. The ingredients are fresh, the chicken moist and succulent. One second the wrap was there and then it was gone! It’s good for a light and tasty lunch plus you also have friendly service. The wrap costs £6.50 and there are other wrap options offered too:

  • Grilled chicken wrap £5
  • Grilled spicy chicken wrap £5
  • Grilled halloumi wrawp £5
  • Grilled chicken and halloumit £6
  • Extra: Cheese, caramelised onion £0.50

Budget: £

Address: Bishops Park Farmers Market, Bishop’s Avenue, Fulham, London SW6 6EA Sundays 10am – 2pm



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