Bala Baya Restaurant Italian Wine Review

Bala Baya Bar

Bala Baya Restaurant Italian Wine Review

On Friday, we ordered four bottles of Italian wine with our 6 plate tasting menu.

We started with a couple of bottles of Legato white wine. The Legato brand is the result of a partnership between two families, one from Lombardia and another from Marsala in Sicily. The wine was light and refreshing with hints of white flowers and lemongrass. It was very quaffable and was priced at £27 per bottle.

As we moved on with the tasting plates, we had a Tuscan red wine produced by Castellani. The Mirapiana 2015 Maremma Toscana is made from a sangiovese grape blend. It was warm and fruity which complimented the rest of our tasting menu. The Mirapiana was priced at £34 per bottle.

These were two wines I had not tasted before which I enjoyed with the Israeli cuisine.

Bala Baya Legato Italian wine, white wine Bala Baya Mirapiana 2015 Maremma Toscana Italian wine, red wine

Budget: £££

Address: Arch 25, Old Union Arches, 229 Union Street, London SE1 0LR


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