Old Chang Kee London

Old Chang Kee London

We were so excited when we heard Old Chang Kee London, Singapore’s curry puff specialists, opened its first permanent store in Covent Garden on 2 June 2018. It’s a permanent 300 square foot space in New Row where it also sells other street food as well. It’s very popular in Asia and Australia where they have approximately 100 stalls/franchises.

I rushed out there to see what they have to offer. Here’s a sample of their menu:

  • Signature Singapore Chicken Curry £6.80
  • Dry Chicken Curry £6.80
  • Tofu and Mixed Vegetable Curry £6.50
  • Singapore Laksa £9.00
  • Nasi Lemak £8.00
  • Signature Curry Chicken and Potato Puff £2.80
  • Singapore Chilli Crab Stick Puff £3.20
  • Black Pepper Tuna Puff £2.90
  • Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Puff £2.80 
  • Curry Potato Puff £2.60

I ordered the Signature Singapore Chicken Curry which came with steamed rice and a couple of Signature Curry Chicken and Potato Puffs. My first bite into the curry puff took me back to my memories of Singapore, it was moist and spicy with flaky pastry. That was my starter. Then I started on my chicken curry. It was spicier than I thought but I’ve been living away from Asia for a while. As I sat there with my mouth tingling and sweating from the spicy curry I thought this lunch was exactly what I was expecting. Yum!

Old Chang Kee London Old Chang Kee London

Please note that there are only a handful of tables and chairs available to sit inside.

Recommended for those who want to try or miss Singaporean and Malaysian street food. I will be back Old Chang Kee London!

Address: 15A New Row, Covent Garden London WC2N 4LA

Do let us know if you have eaten at Old Chang Kee London and what you thought.


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