Restaurant Café Lagu

Restaurant Café Lagu

Atsuko Inoue opened Restaurant Café Lagu on 26 March 2013. It was her childhood dream, inspired by her Father and Grandfather to have a cafe serving fresh, nutritious and tasty Japanese cuisine. 

I had the pleasure of dining there for lunch on Saturday 21 July 2018 as part of a foodie meetup. About 20 or so people rocked up on Saturday. For some of us, it was our first time attending the meetup.

When I walked in and up the stairs into the cafe, I noticed the decor was minimalist and simple. I was greeted immediately by the friendly waitresses and sent to the back where there was a long table set up for us. There was a few people who had already arrived and I also met our organiser, Trista, who was super friendly and whirlwind of energy.

Looking at the table set up I realised the cafe was pretty much booked out for us. I managed to meet and talk to nearly all the foodies and it was such a nice vibe I am already looking forward to the next one.

Now on to the food. Between all of us I think we ordered nearly everything on the menu. As the dishes arrived, we all started taking photos so it could be another 10 minutes before the person who ordered the dish could eat! 

Restaurant Cafe Lagu

Salmon don, soba, spicy tuna don and takayoki

Restaurant Cafe Lagu

Katsu don

Restaurant Cafe Lagu

Takayoki (octopus)

I ordered the karaage don with teriyaki and mayo. It was one delicious dish! The chicken was full of flavour and inside was moist and tender. I was full after finishing every grain of rice. The ice matcha latte also went down a treat.

Restaurant Cafe Lagu

The next thing I knew, I went up to the counter and ordered a chocolate matcha cake with vanilla ice cream! It was a dense cake, a little like a brownie so I was very full after it.

Restaurant Cafe Lagu

Everyone really enjoyed their meal which is unusual in itself.

Restaurant Café Lagu is a down to earth venue with beautifully presented, flavoursome and tasty cuisine. I would go there every day if I could but alas it’s located an hour away for me. Go try it! You will not regret it.

Address: 151 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5QJ

Do let us know if you have eaten at Restaurant Café Lagu and what you thought.


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