Summer Party

Summer Party

We decided to have a summer party chez Maison after the Wimbledon tennis finals as our friends are passionate tennis fans. With 18 people coming, we planned to have a picnic style lunch. Luckily, the weather was warm so we could eat al fresco in the backyard.

For our summer party, we bought ham, pork apple and black pepper sausages and 20 chicken drumsticks from John Stenton Family butchers. He is known for having great quality meat. On the day before the party, Tony marinated the chicken, cooked the ham for 5.5 hours, and pierced the pork, apple and black pepper sausages. On the day of the party we also had 3 quiches, fresh baked baguettes from our favourite local baker and patisserie, Patisserie Sainte Anne and made a mixed mango salad. Our lovely friends brought some mini sausages, quail eggs, salad leaves grown from their allotment, desserts and bottles of wine. We were overflowing with food and wine!

Summer Party Summer Party

After finishing our mains, we brought out desserts. On the previous day, Tony had baked a lemon, lime cheesecake and a raspberry ripple parfait. One of our friends also baked a summer berries pudding. Other friends brought a blueberry cake from Paul’s patisserie and three lemon cakes. 

Summer Party

If you could still eat, we also had a cheese platter afterwards. As you can see from the photo, it was part way being demolished!

Summer Party

During all the munching we manage to down a few bottles of rosé from Provence, and wine from Burgundy and Italy. Our Summer Party Wines Review is coming soon.

It was a fun 7 hour food and wine fest. Needless to say, we did not have dinner that night!


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