After reading the rave reviews of Laksamania by @futhefoodie, we quickly booked to have dinner there.

Chef Danny Tan, who came to UK in 1987 from Malaysia, opened Laksamani on 18 May 2018. Laksamani offers a selection of starters, various noodles, rice dishes, meat and fish, and vegetarian dishes. There are 5 types of laksa on offer.

Laksamania Visit 1 – 16 July 2018

We were welcomed by a super friendly waitress when we walked in and the decor was simple, warm and inviting. Laksamania also has a bar and air-conditioning. The air-conditioning was much appreciated as London was going through a big heatwave. 

For our first time there, we ordered the spicy and flavoursome Melaka and Singapore Laksas. Oh my …. We hardly spoke because it was soooo GOOD, reminiscent of laksa back in Malaysia.


Melaka curry laksa: hot and sour soup with a dash of sambal, yellow egg noodles and rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, bean curd puff, shredded egg, fish balls, king prawns.

Singapore curry laksa: coconut curry soup, yellow egg noodles, bean sprouts, bean curd puff, shredded chicken, king prawns, boiled egg.

I enjoyed it so much that I organised another visit 2 weeks later with 3 others for Sunday lunch.

Laksamania Visit 2 – 29 July 2018

On Sunday, we ordered 3 starters: wasabi prawns, chilli garlic chicken wings and chicken satay. There were 8 crispy fried prawns covered with creamy wasabi sauce on top served with black fish roe on the side. It was an unusual flavour that made us crave for more of them. The finger licking chilli garlic chicken wings were devoured. Last but not least, the chicken satay were also demolished but we did not crave them as much as the wasabi prawns.

Laksamania - Wasabi prawns

Wasabi prawns – Crispy fried prawns served with fish roe & creamy wasabi sauce

Laksamania - Chilli Garlic Chicken Wings

Laksamania – Chilli Garlic Chicken Wings with red chilli, crispy garlic and salt & pepper

Laksamania - Malaysian Satay Chicken

Laksamania – Malaysian Satay Chicken starter has 4 skewers of satay chicken served with spicy peanut sauce

Moving onto the mains. For mains we ordered Melaka curry laksa, singapore curry laksa, char siew lo mein and char koay teow. The laksas were a HIT again. Tony enjoyed his char siew lo mein and the char koay teow was nearly the same taste as I would expect in Malaysia but did not quite get there.

So far, I would recommend the Melaka and Singapore curry laksas, wasabi prawns if you were to come here for the first time.

For me, I’d like to try the meat, fish and vegetarian dishes next time.

Address: 92 Newman Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3EZ

Cost: ££ – £££ 

Review: 8/10 for the Laksa, Wasabi prawns

Have you been to Laksamania? Let us know if you have and what are your favourite dish(es).


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