Dumpling Shack

Dumpling Shack

Dumpling Shack started up as a market stall and pop ups in Broadway Market in 2014. Today, they make their own dumplings onsite at Spitalfields Market and produce their signature Shengjianbao, a Shanghainese soup dumpling.

We went to their stall in Old Spitalfields Market in July 2018 and joined the queue to order lunch. I ordered the dan dan beef noodles for £6.50 and managed to score a few seats on the sharing tables nearby during the busy lunch time period.

Dumpling Shack

First impressions were good with the aroma of sichuan spices and beef when I mixed the noodles with the mince beef and vegetables. However, there was too much oil for me and the peanut sauce was felt thick on my tongue. The serving was a little small and I was still hungry afterwards. I should have ordered the pork and leek dumplings! I will have to try the dumplings instead next time.

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW

Cost: £

Review: 6.5/10

Have you been to Dumpling Shack? Let us know if you have and what is your favourite dish(es).


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