Rumpus Room London

We were looking forward to heading out to the Rumpus Room London to celebrate our friend’s birthday. It’s a rooftop bar on the top of the Mondrian Hotel with panoramic views of the city. On the day of our reservation we left work early and got caught in a massive downpour of rain and wind whilst walking over the Blackfriars bridge! By the time we arrived we were saturated and dripping, and one of us had a broken umbrella to boot. Even though we looked like drowned rats, we were received warmly by the staff and led to our table.

As we settled in and looked around we were impressed by the chic interior and bar. There was also an outside balcony/terrace.

Rumpus Room London Rooftop Bar beautiful interiorRumpus Room London Rooftop bar gorgeous interior

We ordered a few nibbles and a Sicilian white wine from the friendly and helpful waitress.

  • Salt and pepper squid with bonito mayo
  • Truffle arancini with parmesan
  • Rumpus chip n dip – beetroot hummus with home made flatbread

Rumpus Room London - Salt and pepper squid and truffle arancini Rumpus Room London - Rumpus chip n dip - beetroot hummus with home made flatbread

The dishes were all beautifully presented. However, out of the three dishes, my favourite would be the truffle arancini with parmesan. They were not the most flavourful dishes but looked good on the plates.

The La Segreta Grillo 2017 from Planeta vineyard was a pale lemon colour, earthy, pleasant and easy drinking wine with a shortish length.

Recommended venue for gorgeous and beautiful interiors, good service, date nights and small gatherings. Go to the Rumpus Room London for the atmosphere and the view. Drinks are on the expensive side but that is to be expected.

Cost: £££

Address: Rooftop bar on the top of the Mondrian Hotel, 20 Upper Ground London, SE1 9PD

Have you been there? How did you find it?


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