Old Spitalfields Market Foodie Meet

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, we went to the Old Spitalfields Market Foodie meet organised by Charlotte from @notsobasiclondon. Spitalfields market was built in 1800, renovated in the 2000s and comprises of 42 retail shops and stalls, and 41 food options. It is a covered market which is useful when it is raining. We were looking forward to meeting other foodies and of course trying out some of the food stalls that I’ve heard about. What is great about foodie meets is you get to meet others who LOVE food and who understand that you have to take MANY MANY photos until you get the right photo so that sometimes your food can get cold. However, our food did not get cold on this day!

When we arrived we felt the buzzing energy in the market and headed towards the Kitchens. This is where many street food trader stalls are located. After we found the location of the foodie meet we went to order our food. I had earmarked a few stalls to try that I had heard about.

Pleasant Lady

Pleasant Lady Trading Stall was opened in June 2018 after its first location, a hole in the wall in Soho was established in April 2018. It offers freshly cooked Chinese crepes on a hot plate with egg, coriander, cucumber slices, spring onions, with options of Iberico char siew, miso chicken. I devoured the savoury crepe wrap with Iberico char siew (£8.50).

Pleasant Lady Iberico Pork Wrap, Old Spitalfields Market Foodie Meetup, London

Yum Bun

We were still hungry so I went to Yum Bun to get some steamed buns. There was a queue to order and it took a while for our order of 2 chicken steamed buns to be ready.

Yum Bun began as a pop up stall in Broadway Market in Hackney in 2010 and it opened up in Old Spitalfields Market in 2017. It offers hand made steam buns with the following protein options:

  • Chicken: free range fried chicken, Japanese style special sauce, lettuce, chilli pickles
  • Fish: crispy fish, green chilli, coriander and lime sambal, lettuce, mayo
  • Mushroom: portabello mushrooms, toasted walnuts, cucumber, spring onions, miso glaze
  • Tofu: crispy aromatic tofu, black bean mayonnaise, garlic choy sum, chilli pickles

Mouth watering goodness in 5 relatively dainty bites or 3 huge bites for one bun. It costs £4.50 per bun or 2 for £8.

Yum Bun Chicken Bao, Old Spitalfields Market Foodie Meetup, London

Dumpling Shack

Since it was taking a while for our chicken buns to be ready from Yum Bun, I moseyed on to Dumpling Shack to get a serving of the prawn wontons with sichuan chilli oil (£6.50). By the time I finished this, our order was ready at Yum Bun.

Dumpling Shack Prawn Wontons, Old Spitalfields Market Foodie Meetup, London

Wheelcake Island

A number of friends have been raving about wheelcakes so I was curious to try it out. Wheelcakes are a Taiwanese childhood, soft, fluffy, pancake snack. At Wheelcake Island, there are 5 fillings available:

  • Adzuki (red) bean
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Matcha
  • Chocolate mix with vanilla custard
  • Manvireats Biscoff special – crunchy spread with custard

We had the vanilla custard and Manvireats biscott special. What are you waiting for? Get these delectable savouries now!

Wheelcake Island Stall, Old Spitalfields Market, LondonWheelcakes being made at Wheelcake Island Stall, Old Spitalfields Market, LondonManvireats Biscoff Special Wheelcake, Wheelcake Island, Old Spitalfields Market, London

Good Mood Matcha

We had worked up a thirst so we ordered the Matcha Latte with almond milk £3.60 and the Collagen Matcha Latte £4.20 to help maintain our youthful looks 🙂 What was also great about Good Mood Matcha was they also offered dairy free options of almond and coconut milk for the lactose intolerant.

Good Mood Matcha Stall, Old Spitalfields Market, LondonMatcha Latte from Good Mood Matcha Stall, Old Spitalfields Market

There are still so many other stalls that I have not yet tried so this is a great venue for family and friends to meet up as there are so many options to suit different taste buds. Thanks Charlotte for organising and it was great to meet other foodies there.

How to get to Old Spitalfields Market

Address: Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, London, E1 6EW

The Kitchens Opening Times: Mon to Fri: 11am — 8pm; Sat: 11am — 6pm; Sun: 11am — 5pm


Let us know what your favourite dishes are at Old Spitalfields Market.


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